Yurt dışında kısa ve uzun süreli staj programına katılmanın başlıca faydalarını şöyle özetleyebiliriz:

  • Yurt dışında eğitim ve yaşam tecrübesi edinme,
  • Çalışma alanı ile ilgili pratik yapma,
  • İş hayatı ve kişisel yaşam için farklı bir vizyon oluşturma,
  • Gelecek kariyer hayatınız için kişisel bilgi ve becerileri geliştirme,
  • CV’nize güzel bir referans ekleme şansı yakalama,
  • Farklı kültürden insanlarla tanışma ve arkadaş edinme,
  • Farklı bir ülkeyi gezme ve keşfetme, kültürünü tanırken dilini öğrenmek.


If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, we have the system that can help you thrive. It’s the perfect match. Since 2011, UFSTSG has been chosen by hundreds as their path to business ownership and financial freedom.

The UFSTSG business model is tax preparation for the 21st century. We reject the notion that tax preparation needs to be a frustrating process. Nor does it have to be complicated or overly costly. UFSTSG has created a process that’s quick, convenient, and actually enjoyable – for everyone involved. There will always be a need for tax preparation businesses, so UFSTSG is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs looking to own their own business or just earn some extra income.

Every American is legally required to submit a tax return. For this reason, tax preparation is big business and remains recession resistant. Millions of hardworking people rely on professional tax preparers every year to make sure they get the biggest tax refund possible.In 2016, 150 million tax returns were filed, and 62% of tax returns are completed by paid tax professionals. Each year, $18 billion is generated in tax return preparation revenue – in roughly only 4 months!

As long as there’s an income tax in the U.S., you’ll have customers.

Our company was born out of frustration in an industry with unreliable, under-qualified tax preparers with no licensing or certification and as little as five days tax training. Our team consists of CPA’s, Tax Attorneys, and credentialed tax preparers who are registered with the IRS, licensed, experienced, and up to date on current tax regulations. Whether it is a basic 1040 or a complex business return, VTAX has a resource readily available with the appropriate level of expertise. No more overpaying, and there’s no risk of getting a preparer that does not have the right level of experience and knowledge. VTAX is a full-service tax preparation, accounting and consulting firm. Each VTAX tax professional is licensed and credentialed. Every tax return that we prepare is reviewed by an enrolled agent or CPA.

Simply download the VTax mobile app for free and click 1040 Return. Answer a few simple questions about your life. Snap. Tap. Upload. Take a photo of your W-2 with your phone or tablet and watch as all your information accurately gets uploaded to your secure client portal, for accessing by the tax professionals at VTax headquarters. Your information is saved with secure encryption, and always protected and available in your personal secure client portal. Then, sit back and relax. Connect with a VTax licensed and credentialed tax professionals via video or phone to review your tax return.


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